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First rule is that nobody hits the old man. I used to fight—now I talk. Last night, we had a group of six kids come in with bad IDs, but they looked really, really good. I started breaking out in handcuffs and felonies. Good for the kidneys. Did he give it back?

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Sometimes, people will just get tired of waiting and pee on the floor. They could go outside the bar and do it around the corner, but they do it there for some reason. I had to kick a guy out the other night for that, peeing in the bar.

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However, even if your idea of thinking ahead is unzipping your fly before having a pee, there are a few strategies you can use. Because there is nothing worse than queuing for an hour only to be sunk by your own stupidity. Be polite and calm and respectful. The bouncers have been standing in the cold for hours. They have been speaking to people like you for hours. They are tired and bored and they have heard it all before. Nothing you can say will surprise a bouncer. Also, they have all the power. You have none. So be nice to the bouncers. Make an effort with your appearance.

Girls, dress up and put some make-up on.

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I am regularly bewildered by what the kids wear today, but even in my dim, fuzzy state of fashion senility, an effort shines through. Incidentally, one of the main reasons clubs favour the better turned out is because, if we let scruffy people in, those who have made an effort complain like hell. That second is that the police tell us not to because you get drunk and cause fights. The girls get in for free and you get in. Photo: Alamy Girls, be beautiful. It pains me to say this, but many nightclub doors are stuck sometime around when it comes to sexism.

These measures are intended to protect customers and guests at bars, clubs, etc. Historically, bouncers have had the role of no-nonsense, ass-kicking, tough guys. But as times changed, so did the role of bouncers. In the late 20th century the role of bouncers transitioned to one of conflict resolution through communication and limited physical force.

This evolution occurred in order to prevent lawsuits against bouncers by disgruntled guests.

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Furthermore, the title of a doorman can earn great respect, and has been regarded as an honored and important position. In US Western towns in the s, high-class brothels known as "good houses" or "parlour houses" hired bouncers for security and to prevent patrons from evading payment. In Wisconsin's lumberjack days, bouncers would physically remove drinkers who were too drunk to keep buying drinks, and thus free up space in the bar for new patrons.

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  7. Huge bouncers patrolled these venues of vice and "roughly ejected anyone who violated the loose rules of decorum" by engaging in pick pocketing, jewelry thieving, or bloody fights. Bouncers in pre World War 1 United States were also sometimes used as the guardians of morality. As ballroom dancing was often considered as an activity which could lead to immoral conduct if the dancers got too close, some of the more reputable venues had bouncers to remind patrons not to dance closer than nine inches to their partners. The bouncers' warnings tended to consist of light taps on the shoulder at first, and then progressed to sterner remonstrations.

    In early Nazi Germany, some bouncers in underground jazz clubs were also hired to screen for Nazi spies, because jazz was considered a "degenerate" form of music by the Nazi party. Later during the Nazi regime, bouncers also increasingly barred non-German people such as foreign workers from public functions, such as 'German' dances at dance halls. Doormen or bouncers are usually larger persons who display great strength and size.

    20 Things Bouncers Won't Tell You

    Most evenings at a night club begin the same way. People are excited about the night ahead, knowing the weekend has finally arrived, and are in complete party mode.

    Towards the beginning of the night people are arriving and settling in, and the music is warming up. The drinks are flowing and the atmosphere is growing. Everyone is having a great time. As the morning nears, however, some guests may be behaving differently than when they arrived. An individual who was welcomed by the bouncer, may now be someone who should be asked to leave the club. Most often alcohol is the greatest common factor, but there are cases of anger, jealousy, complexes… to name a few.

    In any event, a guest who seems to be a threat to another guest should be removed from the club. There are many elements to effective guest removal. You must keep in mind that the guest will most likely not respond kindly to the news, particularly if there was a cover charge. For this reason, you should be discreet as possible, trying not to embarrass the guest in front of their friends, which would certainly worsen the situation. There should always be one more security crew member than guests being escorted, for purposes of crowd control.

    If a guest is being cooperative, your job will be made much easier. More likely, however, the guest will be drunk if not inebriated and angry if not violent. You must be thick-skinned for a job like this, because you can expect lots of verbal abuse from disgruntled guests. They will criticize and ridicule you, yell profanities, and may become very personal.

    'It's an absurd profession': the world's most infamous bouncers tell all

    As a professional, you must maintain your composure and not give in to the verbal assault. If the guest becomes physically aggressive, however, you have the right to self-defense. Serious injury or even death as a result of asphyxiation or internal bleeding after being pinned to the ground or punched in the head or abdomen is a serious possibility.

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    There is a very thin line between self-defense and overkill… be very careful not to injure someone. A good bouncer is one who can remind a guest of the house rules without twisting any arms. You must be confident in order to avoid being provoked by angry guests, and you must always remain professional and firm.

    Security work is known for lots of standing, movement, and the occasional physical altercation.

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    You should be fit, but keep in mind that an employer may hesitate to hire someone that is too thin. You must earn the respect of your guests, and the best way to do that is to be courteous and reasonable. Conflict resolution training could prove to be invaluable in refining these skills. Average salaries in the U. Work hours are ordinarily 3rd graveyard shift, usually from 10 p. All rights reserved. Log In continue with facebook Or login with email Email.

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    Bouncer (kickboxing world champion) humiliates a bully!

    Create account Already have an account? Sign in. Forgot password. Send password reset link. Home About. Courses Login. Nightclub security Free class. Learn the class. Nightclub security Learn the class. If one of the employees is having an issue with a guest, you always side with the employee. Nightclub security personnel "Bouncers" are ordinarily responsible for keeping law and order at nightclubs, bars, lounges, entertainment venues, etc.