Regency Secrets: My Ladys Trust / My Ladys Pleasure (Mills & Boon M&B) (Regency, Book 32)

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Not only did I get to meet some wonderful musicians and conductors, I also had to deal with the organisers of all sorts of venues in Europe, ranging from places like the Albert Hall in London, or Cologne Cathedral, to freezing village halls in the mountains of Austria.

Once we were even involved with the Blessing of the Lake ceremony on Lake Como where I had to do a speech in Italian, which at that time I barely spoke! It was a baptism of fire, but together with the Anthropology course I was studying at the time, it gave me a great interest in people of all different types and nationalities and how they coped under pressure, and that was useful when I came to write about the Second World War during which people lived in intensely difficult and dangerous circumstances for six years.

Has writing always been a long-term ambition of yours? As a child I wrote pony stories, and then when I discovered boys I progressed onto writing teenage romances! I loved writing, but university and work soon got in the way. Some years later when I was working as a management consultant, I found myself sitting in a long queue on the motorway on the way back to London from a meeting in Scotland and remembered that I had once wanted to be a writer.

I decided at once to have another go and wrote a light romance called the Art of Loving which subsequently was short-listed for the RNA New Writer's Award. What is the main inspiration for your WW2 Lavender Road series? We fell into conversation and she told me she had lived in the area right through the war. As we waited for the bus at the edge of Clapham Common she pointed out a dip in the grass where a V2 had landed in , then gestured across to the now grassed-over bomb shelters where, as a child, she had often sheltered during the Blitz.

Laura was a born and bred South Londoner and spoke of traumatic wartime events with a kind of rough and ready humour and breezy unconcern that transported me back to those extraordinary years. The bus came along just then, but from that short encounter was born the idea of writing a series of novels exploring the day-to-day ups and downs, highs and lows, of people living in one south London street during World War Two.